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Easycare was created to control the formulation and type of products used in vinyl lined spas. Because we know which products will work best with the chemical composition of the vinyl liner, used properly, Easycare will reduce the potential for vinyl liner problems.

The sanitizer of choice for use with vinyl lined spas. Easycare granular 2lbs

15.95 12.95

A bromine based alternative to SoftChlor sanitizer. Easycare Bromine tabs 1.75lbs

16.95 13.95

Decreases the pH and alkalinity level in the spa. Easycare PH decreaser 1.5lbs

5.95 4.50

Used weekly to oxidize and eliminate "used" sanitizer in the water. 2lbs

13.95 11.95

Increases the pH and alkalinity level in the spa. Easycare PH increaser 1.25lbs

4.95 3.50

Water Treatment Kit
Includes instructions, a CD, test strips and 10 oz. of the following: SoftChlor, Softdown, Softrise, and Softshock.

69.95 49.95

Click to enlarge Chlorine Test Strips

9.95 8.50

Bromine Test Strips

10.95 8.95

Click to enlarge Natural Spa Purifier

32.95 24.95


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